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Massage Focus

There is nothing worse in life than having to live with chronic pain without relief. It is our goal at Healing Spirals Massage to help manage or alleviate pain through targeted massage therapy.

As both a massage therapist and a new mother I understand how important the mother's health and comfort is to providing a good environment for the growing, healthy baby. Healing Spirals is proud to provide care and assistance during this journey. We will focus on creating a relaxing environment in your own home and help with the discomforts that can come with being pregnant.


Amber Daugherty, LMT has 10 years of therapeutic massage experience. I started Healing Spirals Massage because I wanted to have a practice which focuses on helping the expectant mother create a healthy environment for her growing bundle of joy. Offering in home prenatal massage in Nashville, in my opinion, is the ultimate stress reduction method

Pain Management

Healing Spirals Massage is offering In Home Prenatal Massage in Nashville, TN


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