Mobile Massage Company for all Moms

Healing Spirals Massage, PLC

Massage for the mom who is expecting

This massage is for the pregnant mom! It's luxurious and preformed with comfortable pillows and wedges so that you can lay on your side and recline on your back! Mobile pregnancy massage for Nashville moms is the perfect way to reduce the stress and discomforts!

If you have chronic pain or discomfort or slept wrong and now your neck hurts then let me help you turn that around! This is what I am good at and love to do! I'm very mindful about muscular dysfunction and want to help you resolve your issues. I'll use the variety of techniques I've been perfecting for 10 years to help you reach your goal!

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is considered part of Traditional Thai medicine. It benefits almost anyone and is effective with a variety goals. It involves compression, accupressure on what are known as Sen Lines, and gentle yoga like stretching.

Therapeutic Massage to reduce discomfort